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Going Above and Beyond in Wichita KS

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita customer service is at the core of ethos and work ethic. Our technicians exhibit excellent customer service because they deeply appreciate the stress and worry that comes with the emergencies we work to restore. Every disaster is an opportunity for us to go above and beyond what the customer expects. When one of our customers is experiencing a water or fire damage emergency, we want them to feel like they are calling a company they can trust.  

You can see this dedication in our online reviews. One example of this comes from a Google review written by a customer in Wichita, KS who was dealing with water damage in his home. Mark T. writes: 

"Big thank you to the folks at SERVPRO. Like most people I’ve never had to deal with a big flood at my house and had no idea what to do. The SERVPRO people took care of everything, sucked out the water, moved my stuff and set their equipment. They explained everything to me, and the customer service was just great, making me feel at ease. They took care of everything and connected me with a guy to help put back my pad and relay the carpet. 5/5 experience I would recommend them to everyone.” 

When you are experiencing a loss, know that SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita will be there as the company that you can call on, and that so many others in Wichita have trusted. Check out our reviews on Google to read it firsthand from our customers and call our 24/7 emergency line at 316-684-6700 if you need our help today.  

Natural Disaster Preparedness for your Business

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states that around 40 percent of small businesses fail to reopen after being hit by a natural disaster. In Kansas, our weather is unpredictable and since we experience all four seasons there are even more opportunities for natural disasters of all kinds to affect our homes and businesses. While reopening a business after enduring a natural disaster is challenging and serious, there are precautions business owners can take to help keep their businesses up and running. 

Using a cloud-based storage system: 

When a flood, tornado, or fire hits, paper copies of insurance policies, invoices, contracts, and even tax documents can get lost or destroyed. Having those critical documents backed up can give you one less thing to worry about during the stress of a natural disaster.  

Create plans for your employees, vendors, and customers: 

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita offers your business an emergency ready plan, this plan highlights some of the biggest security and safety concerns in your business and allows you to take steps to avoid them altogether. These plans show where the water, sprinkler or gas shut offs are so anyone at your business can have access to that information.  

Run Multiple Drills: 

Practicing an emergency response could save a business thousands of dollars and be the determining factor between a successful recovery and failure to reopen.  

An emergency caused by a natural disaster can be hard to prep for, much less manage. Having steps in place to follow can help eliminate the unknown. SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita can handle any size disaster and has over 1,700 franchises we can call on for back up. Give us a call before disaster strikes and we will create your emergency ready plan as a free service to you and your business. 

Review your Insurance Coverage 

It is good practice to meet with your insurance agent to look into what your current coverage is and what gaps there might be. For example, having business disruption insurance can be invaluable if a disaster is so severe it interferes with your business's ability to operate. Or being underinsured may mean that valuable capital that your business needs to operate might not be able to be restored or replaced in the event of a disaster.

An emergency caused by a natural disaster can be hard to prep for, much less manage. Having steps in place to follow can help eliminate the unknown. SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita can handle any size disaster and has over 1,700 franchises we can call on for back up. Give us a call before disaster strikes and we will create your emergency ready plan as a free service to you and your business. 

Tips To Prevent Water Damage This Spring

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

The Kansas weather is always unpredictable. The last few months have been a rollercoaster, I think we have experienced all four seasons in the last couple of months. With Spring approaching, SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita has a few tips to help you prevent water damage in your home or business. 

  1. Planning your Planting.

Plants and trees have their own agenda under the ground. They can cause trouble later if they are not placed in the correct areas of your yard.  The roots can grow right into your sprinkler system, drainage areas, pipes, and septic tanks. Always call “811 Dig Safe” to have them mark your underground utilities. 

  1. Cleaning Out Your Roof Gutters.

Your gutters provide drainage for your home and help move water off the roof to prevent damage to your home or business. We recommend doing a thorough gutter cleaning 1-2 times per year. Keeping up with routine maintenance is extremely important because clogged gutters could create water damage, and potentially foundation damage from excessive buildup of water around the foundation of your home.  

  1. Use a Drain Snake Instead of Unclogging Chemicals.

During your spring cleaning, cleaning your drains out might be on your to-do list. A lot of people will jump to using chemicals to clean out their drains, but that can be damaging to your pipes. Chemicals can corrode your pipes and cause leaks, which can lead to water damage and mold growth. A drain snake can physically removed obstructions with much less wear and tear on your plumbing. 

  1. Never Pour Grease Down Your Sink.

After you cook pouring the grease down your sink can seem like no harm done, but whether you flush it down with hot or cold water, grease can still cling to your pipes and could even cause some severe damage and blockage. One tip is to save glass jars once they are empty and pour the grease into them until the jar is full.  

Water and flooding emergencies can happen any time, so SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays. Give us a call at (316) 684-6700.  

SERVPRO Named #8 Overall Franchise Opportunity

2/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been recognized as one of the best overall franchise opportunities by Entrepreneur magazine. They base this decision on categories such as growth, brand power, and financial strength. SERVPRO was named the #8 overall franchise system, and #1 in the cleaning and restoration industry for the 19th consecutive year.  

Pat Butler, the owner of SERVPRO of Southwest, and Northeast Wichita began his franchise journey in 2001 and has since expanded. The opportunities and support that the SERVPRO brand has, has shown Pat and so many others the success that is possible.  

The past few years have been tough for many companies, through the strain that Covid-19 has put on everyone. SERVPRO, being a restoration company, was aligned with the help that has been needed in the world, such as storm clean-up and Covid-19 cleanings. But SERVPRO has also faced the labor shortage issues and have had our own difficulties hiring. We owe it to our team and the support from corporate to thank them for keeping the SERVPRO brand at the top.  

SERVPRO will continue to improve, innovate, and support. You can be sure you are working with the TOP company in the industry.  

Snow Storms In Wichita

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

Snow is no stranger to Wichitans, one of the great things about living in Kansas is getting to experience all four seasons. Winter can often be cold and bitter but when we get to see some snow with it, it makes the cold a little more bearable.

With cold weather comes frozen pipes, and potential wood stove home fires. These create jobs for SERVPRO to come in and help homeowners and businesses get back to their preloss conditions. While we love our job, we also love helping you by giving you tips to prepare your property so these damages can be prevented. These snowstorms can often pop up and we Midwesterners love to play the game of trust the weatherman or hope for the best? Our winters have been pretty mild in terms of freezes and snow accumulation the past few years. But as I am writing this blog on February 2nd, 2022, we have about 5-6 inches on the ground.

The snowfall extremes below were measured at Eisenhower National Airport, the most snow to land in one day at Wichita is 12.0 inches on January 18, 1962.

  • 2.1 inches February 12, 2020
  • 2.7 inches March 03, 2019
  • 2.0 inches November 12, 2018
  • 3.5 inches March 27, 2016
  • 3.9 inches January 03, 2015
  • 8.7 inches February 04, 2014
  • 8.0 inches February 21, 2013
  • 1.5 inches December 31, 2012
  • 6.8 inches February 08, 2011
  • 2.1 inches February 08, 2010

As always, be safe on the roads and take precautions in your home as bad weather comes through the ICT. We have many blogs with tips and tricks for you to check out and we will link a few below. Give SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita a call if you need our emergency services due to inclement weather (316) 684-6700.

The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Restoration?

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

One of the greatest things about the SERVPRO franchise is our ability to be versatile in the industry. We offer both commercial and residential services and have the capabilities to handle any size of disaster. At SERVPRO we focus on training to make sure we can perform at the highest standard in both the residential and commercial setting. There are many different certifications in the restoration industry and some are even commercial or residential specific. 

There are many differences between commercial and residential restoration, including SERVPRO’s approach to the damage, and the customers priorities.  

With a lot of our commercial clients the main priority is getting their business back up and running. The cost may not be as big a factor as speed and efficiency. SERVPRO’s around the United States also lend each other help and equipment so even the largest losses can quickly be taken under control. No commercial job is too big for SERVPRO. We have commercial storm teams who have worked in the pentagon after 9/11, who have mobilized thousands of people to help on a single job.   

Residential restoration can have different priorities, residential customers are often looking to see how we can save them both money and time. We try and keep as many items and materials in your home as possible when restoring your property to help save costs and preserve your keepsakes. When a storm event happens and we have many residential customers that need to be serviced, we are able to call in many other franchises who can help take care of entire communities 

Whether you need our services for your home or business SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From start to finish we will make it “Like it never even happened.”   

The Layers of Flooring

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

layers of flooring with labels The different layers of flooring in your home or business can play an important factor in the drying process.

If your house is affected by a water loss, if the damage is substantial, it might require your flooring to be removed. When we start removing flooring , we will want to remove everything down to the subfloor to speed up drying. In some older homes we find that there is more then one layer to get down to the subfloor because new flooring had been installed over the old one instead of having the old flooring removed, in one instance we removed 5 layers of flooring. This can be problematic for several reasons: 

  • One common issue is squeaks. Any movement in any layer can cause this issue, and the more layers, the more potential for this to happen.  
  • Another common issue is floor height. When additional layers are added, this can cause doors not to close and trim to look short. Maybe a fridge that will no longer slide under that cabinet, or a stove that you can no longer make flush with the countertop. 
  • When you nail or glue a new floor over the existing one it makes your new floor only as strong as the old one. If your old flooring fails, the new flooring will also be quick to follow.  
  • Lastly if a water loss happens the restoration process can be lengtheir and more expensive.  

If your home or business experiences a water loss the best thing to do is act fast, the quicker you can get someone out to start the extraction and drying process the less severe the damage. The water damage process starts immediately and can quickly turn into a bigger problem, give SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita a call as we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (316) 684-6700.  

Categories of Water Contamination and What That Means for Your Carpet

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

beige carpet being pulled up from floor Contamination can also be reliant on time, call SERVPRO for fast, reliable service.

When a water loss strikes many elements affect what type of remediation can take place. The water that is needing removed and dried will have a level of contamination that comes into play on what we can save and what must be removed to keep your home or business sanitary. In this scenario we will be discussing how depending on that level of contamination if it is possible to save your carpet.

When it comes to the cleanliness of the water there are three levels that we here at SERVPRO follow for our protocol:

  • Category 1: Clean and Sanitary. Typically comes from a sanitary source such as faucet, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, or water heaters.
  • Category 2: Grey Water which can cause illness or discomfort if ingested. Typical sources are dish washers, washing machine overflows, flush from sink drains, or toilet overflows with urine (no feces)
  • Category 3: Black Water is grossly unsanitary which could cause health effects if ingested. This includes sewer backups, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, and stagnant liquid which has supported microbial growth.

These categories are also reliant on time, so a flood caused by a drinking fountain (Category 1 clean water) will become contaminated category 2 water after 48 hours. Another 24 hours after that it becomes a category 3 loss. The escalating level of these categories will largely affect what steps we take to ensure the job is done correctly.

With a category 1 loss, we are usually able to dry and save the carpet and pad unless there is a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier if not removed could cause mold and mildew.

With a category 2 loss we pull the pad and save the carpet. Once we dry the carpet, we spray our EPA registered disinfectant.

Finally with a category 3 loss we completely remove and dispose of the carpet and pad. In some instances, we must cut out the bottom portion of the walls if they got wet/contaminated.

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita will always be on site as quick as possible to avoid any further contamination caused by the water loss. Give us a call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (316) 684-6700.

Staying Prepared: Storm Events in Wichita KS

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

a disaster supply kit with back pack Making a disaster supplies kit to keep in your home in case of a storm event is a great way to stay prepared.

Kansas weather, need I say more? Unpredictable is an understatement. Being prepared for storms is so important, when weather does strike having the items you need on hand will give you a peace of mind. We recommend creating a “disaster supplies kit” to keep stored for in your household in the event of an emergency.  

You will want to keep your kit stored in airtight plastic bags or containers. Here are a few items we suggest, that could help keep you safe: 

  • First aid kit 
  • Extra batteries 
  • Water?(one gallon per person per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation) 
  • Food?(at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food) 
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio  
  • Flashlight 
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties (for personal sanitation) 
  • Wrench or pliers (to?turn off utilities
  • Manual can opener (for food) 
  • Local maps 
  • Cell phone with chargers and a backup battery 
  • Whistle (to signal for help) 

Keeping these items on hand will keep you prepared for anything. If you have a basement or a bathroom that you go in case of a storm, storing these items there for easy access is recommended. As always, if your home or business is affected by a storm event give SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita a call (316) 684-6700. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita 20 Year Anniversary

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

vehicles in front of servpro building Happy 20 Year Anniversary to SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita!

The 20-year anniversary of SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita marks an important milestone for the company, and for the franchise owner, Patrick Butler. Patrick moved to America from Ireland in 1989 and spent 11 years working in aircraft before starting his SERVPRO career. When SERVPRO started it was completely operated out of Patrick’s basement, since then they have grown into an 11,000 square foot office, warehouse, and workshop. 20 years ago, Patrick and his neighbor at the time, Craig McIlvain, had the drive and passion to get into business together, and bought a restoration franchise in the Wichita area. Craig partnered with Patrick for about 10 years, from 2001-2011 before selling his half to Patrick. 

 In 2015 Michael Butler followed in his father’s footsteps in joining the business after going to UNL and obtaining his degree in Political Science & Economics and then working in Lincoln for two years. In 2018 Michael took over as the Marketing Manager and has now stepped in as the General Manager. 

 2019 was a year that SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita really focused on growth and had their best year ever. In 2020 while a lot of businesses slowed down due to the pandemic the restoration industry really stayed steady and SERVPRO was able to add a new service line to their vast array of services, Covid-19 Cleanings. This service line took off and one SERVPRO franchise was able to get a contract with the Federal Government and worked with them during the pandemic to develop a protocol for all Covid-19 Cleanings. With this new service line SERVPRO started an all-new defensive pathogen cleaning program “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.”  

In May of 2021 SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita expanded and bought the Southwest territory in Wichita. In obtaining more territories their goal is to increase sales and become the go-to restoration company in the Wichita area. Their building is located off of Oliver right next to Spirit Aerosystems, they needed this type of square footage to store their equipment as well as being able to store customers contents from fires that need to be in a secure location while they restore their home or business.  

SERVPRO franchises are in the business of helping people, this includes helping people that are affected by disasters, and helping other franchises. There is a network of over 1,700 franchises that are willing and able to travel to assist one another, so no job is too big. Recently SERVPRO has added construction into their extensive list of services to provide a more streamlined process for the customer. From start to finish we will make it “Like it never even happened.”