Water Damage Photo Gallery

holes in toe kick

How We Speed Up The Drying Process

In some situations we drill holes in the toe kick in order to dry underneath the cabinet. At this job the tile was removed along with the cement board underneath because we needed to dry the subfloor which you can see is wet. We try to dry things in place but in this instance the subfloor was not responding to our attempts.

A series of water section hoses inserted into the sub floor for drying.

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Technology to Dry Your Home

The goal of every restoration project is to save as much as possible. That is why we are always looking to use the newest and most advanced techniques and technology to dry water damages as quick and efficiently as possible. In this example a pipe break on the main level soaked through the subfloor and onto the drywall ceiling in the basement collapsing the ceiling. The main level had beautiful tile which we were determined to dry in place. Using Infrared Drying plates on top of the tile, and suction hoses inserted into holes we drilled in the subfloor, we dried the floor out without having to remove a thing. This method allows you confidence that when we dry your ceramic tile floors that they are dry.

A kitchen where the ceiling has collapsed due to a broken pipe

Broken Pipe in Derby, KS

This photo offers a strong argument for turning the water off to your home when you leave for vacation. The family left for an extended weekend and when they came home found that the water from a broken pipe ran for several days affecting the top floor, the ground level and their basement. Pictured here is the kitchen where the ceiling collapsed and a lot of the texture from the ceiling covered counter tops. Our technicians responded the same day and began work to make it "Like it never even happened."

An air mover with an attachment which funnels air into the holes we have drilled in the wall

Cavity Drying in Wichta, KS

Some water damages require a different approach than your average job. In this example we needed to dry the cavity between walls without destroying the wall in front us. This is were our wide array of technology and expertise is a boon to our customers. We pulled off rubber cove base and drilled holes behind it. We then used the device seen in the picture to directly apply drying air to the cavity. The convenience of this approach means that after drying is completed we can simply glue the rubber cove base back on which minimizes both the bill and time to repair since the holes we drilled are covered by the cove base.

Mold grows in home after delayed discovery of Water Damage in Wichita, KS

Summertime is a great time for taking time off and going on a vacation! Unfortunately many people come home from their R&R and find out that a pipe broke right after they left for a week. When we arrived on site a pipe in the ceiling of this home had broken pretty early and sprayed water collapsing the ceiling and soaking into the basement. Mold was growing on the ground and basement levels and as you can see it was so humid in the home that the ceiling fan began to melt. Luckily because we are experts at both water and mold damage we were able to take care of both problems and get them back to normal quickly. 

Wichita Crawlspace Mudders

Floods in your crawlspace can cause wood rot, odors and even mold growth. Besides that water left to ferment beneath your home becomes a hot bed of microbes which harbor all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Good thing for Wichita we aren't afraid to get dirty. This is what one of our technicians looked like after climbing out of such a crawlspace after having pumped out all the standing water we went in there after all remaining water with our hoses. Following that we dried the floor joists and set up a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from damaging the building materials in the crawlspace.